PP filler masterbatch (Taical PP) is used in plastic manufacturing to decrease the cost. PP filler masterbatch of Hao Thinh Co., LTD is manufactured at the quarry in Nghe An, Yen Bai by the demanding process and high-quality machines.

Taical pp

Features of PP filler masterbatch

PP filler masterbatch is manufactured from PP and other additives, mainly is super fine CaCO3 powder, which is accounted for 70 to 80%. Thanks to its ingredients, PP filler masterbatch is more cost-saving and high-efficiency than other materials.

Since the majority of PP filler masterbatch is from CaCO3, Hao Thinh only choose the purest stone quarries in Nghe An, Yen Bai which meet our high standard to exploit. Despite of the same in chemical composition, different source of CaCO3 provides the difference purity, density, and whiteness, which causes the difference in the whiteness of PP filler masterbatch.

Two kinds of PP filler masterbatch

  1. PL PP 75: containing 75% suPPr fine CaCO3 powder. Below is its chemical composition:

2. PL PP 80: containing 80% CaCO3. Below is its chemical composition:



PP filler masterbatch is used in four main industries:

  • Filature
  • Extrusion
  • Coating
  • Non-woven fabric manufacturing

Popular products: plastic basket, plastic pipe, PP packaging, shoes…


Nghe An, Yen Bai, Viet Nam

Where to buy PP filler masterbatch?

Hao Thinh Co., LTD is one of the leading and prestigious companies specializing in mining and processing plastics and marble powder in Vietnam and internationally.

Our PP filler masterbatch go through the strict and high-demand exploitation and manufacturing. Based on our pure and high-quality stone quarry in Nghe An and Yen Bai, we classify and process in closed procedure to save limestones meeting the demanding standard.

Those ingredients are grinded by modern production line to produce high-quality PP filler masterbatch.

6 reasons why Hao Thinh PP filler masterbatch is outstanding

  • Natural whiteness with high dispersion amd compatibility rate, increase the productivity and help to decrease the cost.
  • Purest, high-quality, meet the strictest standard
  • Safe to human and eco-friendly
  • Save material cost, save experiment time and manpower
  • Appropriate to all mix ratio
  • Competitive price

We are one of the leading and prestigious companies specializing in mining and processing plastics and marble powder in Vietnam since 90s. Starting from a private company in Ho Chi Minh city, we have expanded overtime and are proudly own factories in Yen Bai and Nghe An at the present.

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